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Since the Association's activity moved to the coastal region of Kenya around Watamu, traditionally frequented by Italian tourism, contacts with friends from the nearby peninsula have become increasingly frequent.

In fact, thanks to a group of people living in the Verona area, the foundations have been laid for a more coordinated and targeted aid to young people from families in need.

A fortuitous coincidence meant that, while planning to buy land on which to build our school, we met some representatives of the Trentino Alto Adige region and the province of Bolzano, who shared and supported the idea with a substantial contribution, allowing us to build the first block of classrooms and other buildings (dormitory, canteen, warehouse, etc..) of the initial school structure.

Later, thanks to the personal contacts made by the various committee members, the initial cell of the friends of Verona were joined by others in the cities of Palermo, Naples, Milan and Rome. In the latter city, having had the good fortune to be able to rely on the initiative and knowledge of our friend Fabrizio Grazioli, we finally managed in February 2012 to create and enroll in the Registry of Onlus at the Revenue Agency of the Lazio Region a non-profit organization entirely formed by volunteers and dedicated to the exclusive support of the Atkye Project in Kenya.

With this in mind, donations made in favour of Atkye Italia Onlus are deductible from taxes and the Onlus can be mentioned as the recipient of the 5 x 1000 attributed to voluntary associations.

Thanks to the constant support of about forty faithful friends, the Onlus pours a considerable amount of money into the school structure every year, which allows it to cope with the ever-increasing expenses arising from the management of the school structure with its over 300 students and 30 professionally active people.

Versamenti si possono fare al conto:

UNICREDIT Como Pontechiasso

IBAN : IT 80 T 02008 10998 000101988 220

In Italy

I contatti con il  Comitato di ATKYE Italia Onlus e con gli amici che vi si sono aggiunti si susseguono durante l’anno in Ticino, in Italia e, in occasioni particolari, alla scuola in Kenya. Oltre all’organizzazione di qualche evento, si raccolgono fondi tramite la devoluzione del 5 per mille a favore della nostra Associazione al momento della dichiarazione fiscale. Abbiamo avuto qualche donazione importante. Tutto questo contribuisce significativamente a far quadrare i bilanci di fine anno.


We work in collaboration with Atkye Italia Onlus, recognized by the State for tax purposes. For the deduction of 5 per thousand see Info

The committee of the Atkye Italia Onlus Association is composed as follows:

FRANCO CONFENTE                                    PRESIDENTE


FABRIZIO GRAZIOLI                                     MEMBRO


LUIGI CENSI                                                       MEMBRO

VALENTINA CATANIA                                  MEMBRO

Verbale dell’Assemblea 2020


2019: cambio della presidenza

Nell’Assemblea del 17 aprile 2019 il presidente dimissionario Fabrizio Grazioli  assume la carica di consigliere. Nuovo presidente è ora Franco Confente, che ringraziamo di aver accettato l’incarico.

Ringraziamo Fabrizio per l’importante lavoro svolto promuovendo la fondazione di ATKYE ITALIA ONLUS e assicurando il suo brillante avvio.

5 x 1000

ATKYE Italia Onlus is an association registered with the Agenzia delle Entrate DR Lazio; consequently, in accordance with the various regulations applicable to tax matters, donations to this association are deductible or deductible from income. The taxpayer is required to keep and show, at the request of the Revenue Office, the documentation relating to the payments of the sums disbursed.

On the occasion of the tax return, 5 per thousand can be attributed to voluntary associations.

In this regard, we remind you of the

numero del codice fiscale di Atkye Italia Onlus:   


Thank you!



You can find the statutes here.