Atkye School Camps

In the autumn of 2009, a lucky circumstance reported to us by FOSIT allowed our association to intervene as a 'case study' at a seminar held in the classrooms of USI by a class of economy of the American school Virginia Tech.

Under the leadership of Prof. David Brinbergwhich has already promoted several sustainable economy projects in emerging countries, the student working groups have formulated proposals to activate additional on-site revenue sources for the project.


The idea that received the most approval was to hold, during the school holidays months (April / August / November-December), a number of Campus for young people of high school ageto help them make the right decisions for their future.

Open the context of the intervention here: ATKYE_School_Camps-italiano(jul)

Un gruppo di studentesse e studenti della Virginia Tech, una volta rientrati negli USA dopo aver trascorso un periodo in Kenya nell’ambito del progetto Campus, hanno fondato, coordinati dal Prof. Brinberg, una ONG avente quale scopo principale la raccolta di fondi da destinare ad allieve ed allievi del ciclo secondario (liceo) usciti dalla nostra Bambakofi Academy.

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