ATKYE Ticino


The committee of the Atkye Association is composed as follows:

ESTHER STELLA                                                          PRESIDENT

PIERGIORGIO DE GASPARO                                  MEMBER

MANUELA TRAVAGLINI                                           MEMBER

LUIGI CENSI                                                                    MEMBER




In Ticino

In addition to the coordination of the entire project by the steering committee, the main activities are aimed at expanding the circle of friends and obtaining funds to ensure the future of the association.

The main opportunities in this area are in particular:

+ the organization of catering for various events, parties, anniversaries and awards of diplomas
+ the setting up of ethnic stalls with Kenyan handicrafts
+ intervention in schools or other bodies interested in the work of NGOs
+ the collection of school, computer and sports equipment
+ the search for funds through participation in public and private calls for tenders

There is no shortage of activities. If someone wants to collaborate, they will be welcome.




You can find the statutes here.