In Cadempino you can dance...

Double appointment Friday 23 and Saturday 24 November at the Event Center of Cadempino

CADEMPINO - Let's talk about two unmissable evenings. The first, that of the 23rd, will project us in the disco dance sounds of the 70's, 80's and 90's with... "We Are The Champions" by Rete Tre. A part of the proceeds will be donated to charity to Atkye, an association committed to the schooling of destitute young people in Kenya.

On the 24th there is "Latina - La noche caliente": at the console we will find, directly from the Zoo Club of Milan, Mateo Herrera. During the evening we will have the opportunity to dance on the selections of Dj Mauriño.

Pre sale 23 November:

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The final of the local quiz tournament

The eighth class (Standard 8) of the Bambakofi Academy qualified for the final of the local quiz tournament. Here we see the students in our school's colours (orange and white) doing the final task at the Happy House.



We are proud to announce that our eighth class has won this tournament. Good girls, good boys, go ahead with so much commitment and desire to keep up the name of your Bambakofi!

Training campuses

The school calendar roughly provides for a cycle of studies that alternates between three months of school and a month of holidays. In this period we try to make the best use of the structure by offering, in collaboration with other bodies, several training courses.

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