Bambakofi Academy


Una giornata normale a Bambakofi Academy

free school

It is the fundamental structure for which our project was established. It hosts 200 primary school students free of charge, most of whom live in internships, mostly girls for an agreed option. The recent reform has brought the cycle to 9 years of school. We are therefore thinking about the necessary extension of the institute.

school for a fee

In response to an urgent invitation from the staff and parents of the Nursery, a small section was built for children in the first three classes whose parents pay a sustainable fee: thus being able to work they can afford the expense.

Where does the name come from? ... by the beautiful bambakofi tree, which characterizes the place. The first uniform was inspired by the colours of the seed, black and orange.


The ground of the school


In a spirit of partnership, the two committees, in Europe and in Kenya, work closely together for a better and better school. We promote the training and acquisition of up-to-date teaching materials for teachers, a good quality of teaching for students, a stimulating living environment, the possibility of schooling for the less well-off, the enhancement of gender equality, the elaboration of ethnic and religious differences, learning to manage social life. At the end of nine years of primary schooling, young people are helped to find educational opportunities appropriate to their educational achievements and are supported by the payment of school fees during the entire course of the secondary cycle.

The Association is an active member of the FOSIT and recognized at the cantonal level.

Work is shared with members and investigators at the annual assembly or at parties, meetings, and other events.