Agriculture (Shamba)

16 marzo: miglioramenti alla Shamba con il nuovo responsabile sig. Solubu

C’è pure la Nursery delle piante!


25 gennaio 2019: Fervono i lavori nel campo per migliorare il terreno

The farm produces corn and legumes typical of the region, raising chickens, rabbits and goats to give a complement of quality food to the students of the school. Unfortunately, the well, shortly after it was put into operation, supplied too much saline water.  With the works carried out for the storage of rainwater, production could continue. We are now developing a new concept for optimal use of the field.DSC02556_1024x576 (1)

The staff cottage

In order to guarantee decent living and working conditions for our very committed staff, we have built a small house with two rooms, a storage room and services, to replace the old hut.DSC05738_1024x576 A tractor had previously been bought which, at a reasonable price, is also used by others and helps to harmonise relations with neighbours.


shamba DSC05779_1024x576

Chickens and goats are also raised there.


Corn harvest September 2018