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22 agosto 2020: nuovo bollettino Bambakofi Speaking

Avremmo voluto distribuirlo all’Assemblea del 29.08.2020

ma la pandemia ha impedito il suo trasporto dalla scuola:

lo potete vedere cliccando il link qui sotto. Buona lettura!

Se volete attingere a notizie fresche dal Kenya, ecco un sito di riferimento

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25 .1.2020   Grazie volontari e volontarie!

..da Lucrezia

Splendidi risultati delle nostre allieve



Celebrations for great achievements in National examination results by Bambakofi pupils 2018. We produced the best in pupils in Coast Province Kilifi county.

Our pupils Mercy Nzingo Thoya and Rehema Masha were ranked among the best in the country.


Alfred Elisha, 05.10.2018


How are you mama Esther Stella?… I hope that you are well with all your family members…I am still in school studying to become a teacher…Here at college I am progressing well and my studies are nice….I am now in my second year and I expect to finish my studies successful next year April…am proud of you and the rest of the Bambakofi and ATKYE community and the sponsors..you really do a good work..may God bless you so much….I will keep informing you much informations everytime..thank you so much…

from your  bambakofi grandson