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Nowadays more and more people are attracted by development cooperation and announce themselves to NGOs to spend periods of voluntary work in contact with the reality of the different projects operating in emerging countries.

ATKYE is pleased to welcome anyone who takes part in a volunteering period, after a meeting with members of the management committee, in order to assess the personal characteristics of the candidate and the reasons behind the request.


Given the size of the NGO and the burden of expenses generated by the management of the project, it is not possible for us to receive volunteers with a cash payment.

ATKYE can only provide board and lodging at the school in Jede-Mijomboni at a very reasonable price. Volunteers are also responsible for the cost of flights and transport to and from the airports.

For some years now, ATKYE has also been recognised as a Institute of Employment for Civilian Service Militants interested in spending time volunteering with an NGO promoting a project in an emerging country. Already several young people have announced themselves and have served from two to three months at the school, making available to local staff what they learned during their studies or in their first professional experiences. These young people are very much appreciated by all, they are particularly motivated to serve abroad and thanks to their end of work relationships and their visual and written contributions they are of great help to the committee in making decisions.

However, it is highly advisable for all those who are interested in a voluntary experience in Africa, reading the information on cooperation and volunteering found on the website of the FOSIT.


Norman, who came back from his school trip as a volunteer, wrote to us:

Normans travel notes Kenya

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